Quilts For Sale

Here are some of the quilts available for
sale at the Pink Poodle Quilting Studio.

Custom Sports Quilts

Pink Poodle Quilting Studio now offers your favorite sport team turned into a custom quilt for that special fan of yours. Prices start at $185.00. Contact the studio to start your custom quilt and to decide on a perfect size.

Quilt Pricing

Prices for: Pink Poodle Quilting Studio

Quilt Service Pricing

Quilt Set Up Fee


My Thread Costs

$1.00 per bobbin used

Edge to Edge Quilting

length x width = square inches
Cost: 0.018 per square inch
Sample: King comforter 104” x 93” = 9,672 total square inches

Quilting cost = $174.09

Edge to edge plus separate border designs

length x width = square inches
Cost: 0.022 per square inch
Sample: Queen comforter 86” x 93” = 7,998 square inches

Quilting cost = $175.95

Motif block quilting plus separate border designs

length x width = square inches
Cost: 0.030 per square inch
Sample: Twin comforter 65” x 88” = 5,720 square inches

Quilting cost = $171.60

Basting only for customers who prefer hand quilting

length x width – square inches
Cost: 0.005
Sample: Full size comforter 80” x 88” = 7,040 square inches

Basting cost = $35.20

Binding service

Front by sewing machine
0.05 per linear inch

Front by sewing machine, back by hand
0.25 per linear inch

Batting prices

Customers most requested batting:

80/20, (80% cotton & 20% polyester)
$6.50 per yard

100% Bamboo
$8.50 per yard

*To view my vender for the batting and see other batting options, visit:

Customers most requested batting:

Winline Textile Products:


Customized Quilts

Photo Quilts

My photo quilts are a perfect and unique gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversary, or end of the season sport celebrations, or a life accomplishment.

This quilt idea came about when my granddaughter entered into the sport of all star cheer. A season of her favorite pictures turned into a photo quilt that was constructed out of glitter fabric and thread to match the colors of her cheer uniform. Embroidered name of her team and the season date to make these types of quilts a treasured cuddly memory to remember and enjoy forever.

Use your own imagination and the possibilities are endless. These photo quilts are washable.


$18.00 per photo block.
Includes 1 fabric photo (5”), photo border, sashings between the rows and 4 outer (10”) edge borders.

$30.00 Extra cost to add a personalized name and date embroidery to make the memory even more special.

Examples: Rambo photo quilt has 20 pictures. Size is 78” by 70” = $360.00.

Family Crossword Puzzle Quilt

Choose a wonderful crossword puzzel custom quilt made from your family names.
Select a theme fabric or color for border fabric.
Contact us to set design options, you’ll have 3-4 to choose from.

Quilt has 62 embroidered letters it was $248.00
Price: 4.00 X 62 = 248.00


$4.00 per letter.

This quilt had 74 embroidered letters.  The cost was:
4.00 X 74 = $296.00

Sample Theme Fabrics Available

When creating your dream theme quilt,
visit these 2 links to shop for your theme fabrics.

If after searching these sights and you do not find fabric relating to your desired theme, I can always create your theme by using photos and turning them into a fiber fabric and incorporate that into a your theme to design and deliver a one of a kind custom theme quilt. Have fun shopping and enjoy the design process. After finding your theme fabric contact PPQS visa email or phone and we together will design your theme quilt. So far I have been able to make a quilt out of all my customers desired themes. Below is just a peek of what you’ll discover when visiting these two fabric shopping links.


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